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by Mauri Kaipainen last modified 2006-06-09 04:07 PM

HOPS ("Homme otsustab parem seltskond") is an experimental interactive environment for making, sharing and elaborating political initiatives. Please study the instructions below. Your feedback of the concept will help to develop it further, for the form click:

Log in

Go to the HOPS demo. Login as kodanikX  as username, where X on your day of birth + your month of birth . Use the username as password. Note: This procedure is a temporary solution only for today's demonstration.

Add your initiative

This lets you add a political initiative to the environment. Write a short one sentence initiative for a political action, such as "Build a broadband connection to every village". By clicking "submit" you can submit this to all citizens of the community to request for their support.
Hit "Done" when you have completed this.

Waiting initiatives

Here you can view new initiatives submitted by other citizens and determine the degree of your support to them by choosing the level between 0 (no support) and 10 (full support). In the text field you can write your grounds for choosing the level of support you did. To confirm your actions, hit "Done".


In further versions there will be elaborated support for structured discussion associated to each initiative on a wiki page. This is not implemented in the demo version.

Your support

Here you can view and change your support to other initiatives with the sliders and the argument text box same way as with waiting initiatives. To confirm and save your actions, hit "Done".

Political map

Here you can view the political map from your own perspective. The political map displays citizens with similar ideas next to each other. With the sliders in the left side of the map you can choose which initiatives you want to take into account in your political map and to which degree. This constitutes your political perspective to the initiatives. Hint: Start with just one initiative and thsi will result in an one-dimensional order. Add another etc. [NOTE: In the demo version you loose your perspective whenever the map is refreshed, because your choices are not saved.]

Support and arguments

This is a table of the support given to each initiative by each citizen for an overall view.


We need your feedback to develop this concept. Please fill the feedback form.

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